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JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE OVER TETRIS, HERE COMES BREAKTHRU!Get ready for a frenetic-paced puzzle that forces you to think fast. The fun starts with a clock and a solid wall of colored bricks. Eliminate the bricks by clicking on two or more neighboring bricks of the same color.Tear down wall after wall as you race the clock to raise your score. Watch out! Pesky spiders, annoying soda cans and obnoxious boulders can make life rough. Knock them out of action with rockets and bombs before the clock finishes you. - Fast-paced arcade play- 3 time settings dare you to beat the block- Multiple levels for greater challenge- Link up with friends for awesome two-player action


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BreakThru! (Japan)
Shoeisha T-21501G 4997153900027
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