Highway 2000 - Saturn

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Rev up for the road race of the century! Highway 2000 delivers driving excitement with all cylinders firing! Fly through five harrowing highway courses with your choice of three high-performance racing machines - the speed and handling of the Mad Viper, the awesome acceleration of the Dark Nebula and the stick-to-the-road grip of the Rapid Fire. Slide with all four wheels into a hairpin curve. Negotiate treacherous tunnels, narrow bridges and heavy highway traffic. Challenge a fellow racer to a winner takes all split-screen barn burner! You can see the action from above, from the road or your driver's seat. It's your road! Get out onto the highway and go!


Game Detail

Wangan Dead Heat (Japan)
Pack-In-Video T-9102G 4988110600241
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Highway 2000 (USA)
Natsume T-31101H 719593030089 K-A
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Highway 2000 (Europe)
JVC Musical Industries, Inc. T-6012H-50 91191007114
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