INXS: Make My Video - Sega CD

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They're timeless. Ageless. Their music transcends the confines of country, color, sex and style. They're INXS. Now you can create your own world-class INXS videos with reels of real INXS footage and a full palette of special effects. Dice the bikers. Slice the snow boarders. Or freeze the band. Slow-step falling leaves. Pixilate lovers kissing in the rain. End in black and white. There are two ways to do it: Play EditChallenge - a game where friendly clues are your keys to success. Or play U-Direct - a creative encounter where you call the shots. Either way, you'll be bringing your very own style of video editing to wherever you are!


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INXS: Make My Video (USA)
Sony Imagesoft 4902 10086049022
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INXS: Make My Video (Europe)
Sega 4902 4974365649029
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INXS: Make My Video (South America)
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