Wonder Dog - Sega CD

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MORE GRAPHICS, ENEMIES, PICK-UPS, HIDDEN-ZONES, INVISIBLE ITEMS, MUSIC TRACKS, SOUND EFFECTS, AND HIGH-WIRE ARCADE GAMEPLAY THAN A CART COULD EVER HOLD!OVER 400 ENEMIES!-Cartoon-quality animation brings to life Wonder Dog's narrow escape from the invading Pitbully Space Armada on his home planet of K-9.-In Bunny Hop Meadow you'll take on mangy mutts, rascally rabbits and dizzy ducks as your long journey back to free K-9 begins.-Climb in the ring with boxers in Dogsville and wailing alley cats in the Scrapyard - maybe you'll even find a hidden zone or two... or three.-Then you're off to Loony Moon to face mutant martians, giant space rats and a wild assortment of space cadets on the swiss-cheese tundra.-Anything can happen on Planet Weird: flying pigs, falling monkeys, invisible aliens... and it always feels like someone's watching you.-Wipe out the entire Pitbully armada and save your home-planet K-9 from tea-pot droids, hovering bull-fiends and frumpy helmet heads.


Game Detail

Wonder Dog (Japan)
JVC Musical Industries, Inc. T-60074 4988002251988
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Wonder Dog (USA)
JVC Musical Industries, Inc. T-60074 9119920520
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Wonder Dog (Europe)
Sega 4428 4974365644284
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