Demolition Man - Sega CD

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Two men enter the future, bringing with them the values of a brutal past. One cop. One criminal. One mission: destroy the other man first!You're John Spartan, freshly dethawed from the San Angeles Cryo-Prison. Armed with shotguns, magnum handguns and grenades, hunt Simon Phoenix through 10 explosive levels from the ravaged Wasteland to the Hall of Violence!BeWell, DEMOLITION MAN... you're the future's only hope!- Control DEMOLITION MAN John Spartan in the futuristic action adventure based on the Warner bros./Joel Silver (Die Hard and Lethal Weapon I and II) hit movie.- Multiple player perspectives including side scrolling and top-down view.- 10 explosive levels including an infra-red chase through the subterranean Wasteland.- Shoot enemies from all angles with a stash of grenades, shotguns and the magnus handgun.- Track down Simon Phoenix and his escaped cryo-cons on the hazardous city streets and decidely dangerous Wastelands of San Angeles.


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Demolition Man (USA)
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