Earthworm Jim: Special Edition - Sega CD

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This special edition includes the most requested features from the EWJ fan club. So if you were a little intrigued by the original title, wait till you see it on CD! A password system - so you can start where you left off. New world and new hidden areas - Big Bruty is a totally hilarious new world, full of new adventures. A new weapon - Earthworm Jim gets an incredible new weapon to take on his vile enemies. Over 1,000 additional frames of animation. All-new CD-quality soundtrack and sound. Totally new endings in two of the worlds, and a new introduction!


Game Detail

Earthworm Jim: Special Edition (USA)
Playmates T-125045 40421840229 K-A
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Earthworm Jim: Special Edition (Europe)
Virgin Interactive T-125045-50 5026102047144
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