Alien Syndrome - Sega Master System

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A mysterious alien space fleet has invaded human occupied space. Called the Alien Syndrome™, they are the deadliest creatures mankind has ever encountered. The Alien Syndrome shoots first...and asks no questions! A battalion of your friends attacks the alien fleet. But they are captured and held hostage. Earth Command sends one soldier to get them back...You! You're RICKY, Earth Command Trooper. When it comes to deep space combat, you are the best. Armed only with a combat rifle, you must infiltrate each alien ship rescue the hostages and escape...before a time bomb vaporizes the ship into cosmic debris. The odds...and the clock...are against you. The aliens can appear any time. So shoot fast and straight. The hostages are depending on you!


Game Detail

Alien Syndrome (Japan)
Sega G-1339 4974365143398
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Alien Syndrome (USA)
Sega 7006 10086070064
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Alien Syndrome (Europe)
Sega 7006
Alien Syndrome (Australia)
Alien Syndrome (South America)
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