Aztec Adventure - Sega Master System

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Welcome to the land of the ancient Aztecs, where money talks and enemies can be bought. You're El Nino, wanderer, traveler, and adventurer at heart. You're about to embark on a mysteriously dangerous adventure that will lead you through forests, underwater passages and phantom zones to name a few. Your objective: reach the Aztec Paradise, where the tokens of wealth and happiness await. But the land is rich with thieves and traitors, so be prepared to spend a small fortune in search of a greater one. And remember, in a kingdom of Gods, no one is smiled upon.


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Nazca '88: The Golden Road to Paradise (Japan)
Sega G-1335 4974365143350
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Aztec Adventure (USA)
Sega 5100 10086051001
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Aztec Adventure (Europe)
Sega 5100
Aztec Adventure (South America)
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