Cyborg Hunter - Sega Master System

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The Year: 2242. You're the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy. You've amassed a fortune by defeating the most vicious creatures known to man. And now, deep inside the enemy Cyborg Fortress, you can almost taste your next paycheck. But there's a little work to be done before you cash in. Like blasting swarms of deadly Cyborgs with your powerful psycho gun. And a battle-to-the-death showdown with Vipron, the vile Cyborg leader. Prepare yourself for one explosive payday!


Game Detail

Chou-on Senshi Borgman (Japan)
Sega G-1371 4974365143718
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Cyborg Hunter (USA)
Activision 5002 47875150027
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Cyborg Hunter (Europe)
Sega 25003
Cyborg Hunter (South America)
Tec Toy
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