Enduro Racer - Sega Master System

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Countdown to adventure. Three, rev your engine. Two, get ready. One, you're off. And this is the wildest race on the toughest course and Pro has ever had to cross. Luckily you're prepared with the all-terrain handling and speed of the Enduro Racer. Everything from super-sized jumps, competing machines, natural and man-made obstacles will make your journey a perilous one. But you've got one direction: the Finish Line. So drive your fastest, you're racing against the clock. And be careful. Once you're down, it's hard to get up and you've got only one bike to burn through this demanding track. Now, grip those gears, spin those wheels and take the lead to victory.


Game Detail

Enduro Racer (Japan)
Sega G-1322 4974365143220
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Enduro Racer (USA)
Sega 5077 10086050776
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Enduro Racer (Europe)
Sega 5077
Super Cross (South America)
Tec Toy
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