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Starting your own Ghostbusters business is tough. It takes a lot of money. A lot of equipment. And lots of hard work. But someone's gotta do it. Besides, look at the rewards. You get to drive some of the world's hottest cars. And play with the latest high-tech equipment. Like Super Ion Beams, Laser Confinement Systems and Image Intensifiers. You get to get closer than anyone's ever been to the ominous Marshmallow Man. And best of all, if you're lucky, you'll meet face to face with the ghost leader of the universe, Gorza. So if you're tired of your regular old job, why not sign on as a Ghostbuster? And find out what a real job is!


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Ghostbusters (USA)
Sega 5065 10086050653
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Ghostbusters (South America)
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Ghostbusters (Europe)
Sega 5065
Ghostbusters (Australia)
Ghostbusters (Korea)
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