Great Baseball - Sega Master System

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You're the manager. And you can field a total of 26 ball teams to battle for league leadership. Pick the team of your choice. Designate the starting pitcher. Then, play ball! And get ready for some of the most exciting baseball since the game was invented. Will it be a slugging match? A pitching duel? Need a pinch hitter or relief pitcher? You decide. It just takes the right strategy. A cool head. And sure ball control. And if you want batting practice, call up The Home Run Contest. A great feature of Great Baseball that lets you swing at 20 perfect pitches. It's going... It's going... It's gone!


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The Pro Yakyuu: Pennant Race (Japan)
Sega G-1323 4974365143237
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Great Baseball (USA)
Sega 5061 10086050615
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Great Baseball (Europe)
Sega 5061
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