Great Basketball - Sega Master System

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This is basketball at the professional level. Full of international competition from the first jump ball to the last jump shot. Whether it's four on three or three on two - the action is fast and furious. And there are no favorites in this demanding play. You'll be called for double dribbling, cheered for every slam-dunk and carried off the court for making the winning free throw. But so will your opponent. So go for it. Your tough offense can put a "fast break" in the opposing team's stride while your defense remains solid as a rock. But think fast - because two can play at this game - and only one can win!


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Great Basketball (Japan)
Sega G-1320 4974365143206
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Great Basketball (USA)
Sega 5071 10086050714
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Great Basketball (Europe)
Sega 5071
Great Basket (South America)
Tec Toy
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