Great Golf - Sega Master System

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Keep your head down. Eyes on the ball. Grip the club firmly... and swing. Welcome to the Sega Master's Tournament where you need to play better than "par" if you want to win. So tee-up for some real fun. And remember to play with caution. This championship course has been groomed for a truly competitive challenge. Eighteen holes full of roughs, bunkers and water hazards will put your nerves to a real test. But not to worry. You've got some clever moves to meet the challenge of a "dog leg" fairway or a tricky green. So go for a sneaky slice or hard hook to outplay the rest. Winner takes all! FORE!


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Masters Golf (Japan)
Sega G-1332 4974365143329
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Great Golf (USA)
Sega 5057 10086050578
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Great Golf (Europe)
Sega 5057
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