Rambo III - Sega Master System

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Colonel Trautman has been captured by the Soviet Forces in Afghanistan. The C.I.A. is ready to leave him there. They are afraid a rescue mission will cause an international incident. You don't care what it causes. Trautman is your friend... and you're going in to get him back! For weapons you have a Sega Light Phaser with the power of an AK-47 and the blast of a hand grenade. But the Soviets know you are coming and they're armed and waiting! Gunship helicopters. Spetsnaz troopers. Their meanest fighters. But you're Rambo, the eternal warrior. If anyone can beat the odds and rescue Trautman, it's you. But this battle won't be easy. After all, you're the one they called expendable...


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Rambo III (USA)
Sega 7015 10086070156
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Rambo III (Europe)
Sega 7015 4974365634155
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Rambo III (South America)
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