Rocky - Sega Master System

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You're Rocky. A fighter with a dream, to be the best boxer the world has ever seen. The chances were one in a million, but you made it to the most exciting event in boxing: The World Class Heavyweight Championship. In the ring, your first fight is your most feared. And you'll have to master your uppercut to knock-out the never-beaten brawn of Apollo, the reigning champion. Then, train diligently. Because once you're champion, the contenders will come forth like crazy. And they're hungry for your defeat. But you're a powerful fighter with a deadly straight-on and a heavy hook that connects with sheer force. So play for keeps. This is the only title you've got and every ruthless fighter wants it.


Game Detail

Rocky (Japan)
Sega G-1319 4974365143190
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Rocky (USA)
Sega 7002 10086070026
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Rocky (Europe)
Sega 7002
Rocky (South America)
Tec Toy
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