Space Harrier 3-D - Sega Master System

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The intergalactic warrior Space Harrier returns... in an all-new 3D adventure! The peaceful Land of the Dragons is again under attack. Evil creatures fill the land and sky. Euria, the magnificent white dragon, is being held prisoner in a diabolical trap. Only you, the Space Harrier, can set him free. But this time, the challenge is greater than ever before! Put on your SegaScope 3D Glasses. The screen will come alive with new 3D graphics, enemies and wild new battle scenes! Only you stand between the peaceful dragons and defeat. Get ready for the battle of a lifetime!


Game Detail

Space Harrier 3D (Japan)
Sega G-1349 4974365143497
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Space Harrier 3-D (USA)
Sega 8004 10086080049
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Space Harrier 3-D (Europe)
Sega 8004
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