Thunder Blade - Sega Master System

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Get ready to take part in the greatest helicopter battle of the century with THUNDER BLADE! You're the Gunship Gladiator. You fly the Thunder Blade chopper. Some say you're unstoppable. This mission will put you to the test! The enemy has invaded your country. That makes you mad. So you're going to stop them... all by yourself! In cities... over deserts and oceans... in caves and through refineries... you're cutting loose with your cannons and dropping air-to-surface missiles from your skids. They've got tanks, airpower and incredible super fortresses. But you have guts, a taste for glory... and the meanest fightin' copter in the sky!


Game Detail

Thunder Blade (Japan)
Sega G-1360 4974365143602
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Thunder Blade (USA)
Sega 7011 10086070118
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Thunder Blade (Europe)
Sega 7011
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