The Addams Family - Super Nintendo

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Uncle Fester has lost his memory and has fallen under the spell of Abigail Craven, a conniving character who is anxious to lay her greedy hands on the Addams' hidden fortune. Having recruited a misled Uncle Fester, and assisted by her cohorts Tully and The Judge, she manages to capture and imprison the other members of the Addams family within the huge Addams mansion! Only Gomez can save the day by freeing his son Pugsley, his daughter Wednesday, and Granny - and by restoring Uncle Fester's memory. Accomplishing these tasks is daunting enough, but then Gomez must seek out Morticia in the underground vaults of the Addams mansion and confront the evil Judge in a kooky and spooky climax!


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The Addams Family (USA)
Ocean SNS-AF
The Addams Family (Japan)
Misawa SHVC-AF 4935698001014
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The Addams Family (Europe)
Ocean SNSP-AF 5013156610141
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