Super Scope 6 - Super Nintendo

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Take aim and fire! A whole library of Super Scope games in one cartridge scores a bull's-eye!With 6 games included, Super Scope puts you behind the sight of the most advanced game firing device ever developed for any video game system. Fire from any position - sitting or standing from virtually anywhere in the room! Super Scope is cordless to provide maximum agility and movement.Infra-red technology allows you pinpoint accuracy! The shoulder mount and responsive controls guarantee a sure and steady aim. The sight is easily adjusted for right or left handed game play.Super Scope adds a new dimension to the fun you get from your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And, with 6 exciting new games included, you'll be playing in minutes!


Game Detail

Super Scope 6 (USA)
Nintendo SNS-LR
Super Scope 6 (w/Super Scope) (Japan)
Nintendo SHVC-SSA SHVC-LR 4902370501674
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Nintendo Scope 6 (Europe)
Nintendo SNSP-LR
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