Battle Grand Prix - Super Nintendo

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Time To Burn Rubber!From the back streets of Los Angeles to the sand swept alleys of Cairo comes the meanest version of formula one racing yet! Battle Grand Prix puts you in the cockpit of a custom-designed racing car built to handle high speed turns, incredible acceleration and plenty of metal bending action!You make the decisions - Choose from over 40 drivers, 24 racing teams and three modes of intense Grand Prix circuits. Challenge the computer in the winner-takes-all Survival mode or tackle a friend in the 2-Player VS mode to fight it out on the dangerous international courses. Design it. Build it. Drive it. And Win It All!- Custom feature includes: engine, suspension, brakes and more!- Pit stop feature allows you to fuel up and repair damages!- Test your skills in your quest to win the ultimate checkered flag!- 2-Player simultaneous play on revolutionary TwinBattleScreen


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Battle Grand Prix (Japan)
Naxat Soft SHVC-BG 4988658923017
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Battle Grand Prix (USA)
Hudson Soft SNS-BG 39854000300
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