Cyber Spin - Super Nintendo

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The Grand Prix Championship ain't for wimps! Sever drivers from around the World all want that #1 spot. Take the Cyber Car to victory over some of the meanest courses ever devised?Competing requires fast reflexes and cool nerves. Swerve through tight curves, past bottomless canyons and high above City streets. Don't let a single car get past you - to win you gotta drive as if your life depends on it.Every course is increasingly more difficult. Rise to the challenge and make our way through the toughest terrain that countries as Peru, Kenya, Spain, England, and America have to offer.


Game Detail

Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula (Japan)
Takara SHVC-CF 4904880130023
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Cyber Spin (USA)
Takara SNS-CF 26483340280
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