David Crane's Amazing Tennis - Super Nintendo

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Trade in your racquet for a game controller. The category of sports home video games has just taken a quantum leap forward into a new dimension of realism - David Crane's Amazing Tennis! Developed by David Crane, an industry pioneer and one of the best-selling game designers of all time, Amazing Tennis redefines the term "state of the art." Every aspect of play has been re-created to ensure a precision feel and accuracy other tennis video games can't match. Amazing Tennis utilizes 22 different planes of depth and motion-picture-quality animation to provide a revolutionary gaming experience - the next best thing to being out there on the court yourself!


Game Detail

David Crane's Amazing Tennis (USA)
Absolute Entertainment SNS-ZT
David Crane's Amazing Tennis (Japan)
Pack-In-Video SHVC-ZT 4988110900181
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David Crane's Amazing Tennis (Europe)
Electronic Arts SNSP-ZT 99451032227
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