F-Zero - Super Nintendo

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The future of racing is here! F-ZERO, an intergalaxtic Grand Prix, uses machines that weigh more than a ton, reach dash speeds of over 500km/h and hover a mere twelve inches off the ground! Choose from the heroic Captain Falcon, or the suave, Dr. Stuart. Need more choices? Then try the sly alien, Pico or the not-so-honest Samurai Goroh, and race for intergalactic fame and fabulous fortune in the F-ZERO Grand Prix.


Game Detail

F-Zero (Japan)
Nintendo SHVC-FZ 4902370501254
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F-Zero (USA)
Nintendo SNS-FZ 45496830021
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F-Zero (Europe)
Nintendo SNSP-FZ 45496830021
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F-Zero (Players Choice) (USA)
Nintendo SNS-FZ 45496830021 K-A
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