HAL's Hole in One Golf - Super Nintendo

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it's the 18th hole-Hal Open Tournament. Sixty of the best golfers in the country are gathered in one place to determine who will walk away with the Grand Prize trophy. You're 7 under par, tied for first. This 22-food putt is all that stands between you and glory. A hush falls over the gallery... you address the ball... you measure your stroke... Hal America brings the excitement of golf competition to the SNES. Multiple play options and a demanding course will challenge beginners and seasoned pros alike!


Game Detail

Jumbo Ozaki no Hole In One (Japan)
HAL Labs SHVC-JO 4988610101231
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HAL's Hole in One Golf (USA)
HAL's Hole in One Golf (Europe)
HAL Labs SNSP-JO 40458855012
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