Home Alone - Super Nintendo

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The riches of the McCallister home are under siege again from the Wet Bandit Gang! Young Kevin has to defend his family's treasures against his old foes, Marv and Harry. But this time the bumbling crooks brought some tough friends to even the score! Their recent stretch behind the bars has given them plenty of ideas to exact revenge on our little hero.Join Kevin as he races through the McCallister mansion and sets off wild booby traps to ensnare the villians. Discover the hidden treasures and secure them in the basement vault. But be careful! Some nasty nightmares await Kevin in the dusty, murky shadows of the cellar! Help Kevin thwart the Wet Bandits (and face his worst fears) in this adventure classic from T-HQ!


Game Detail

Home Alone (USA)
THQ SNS-HA-USA 719575030007
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Home Alone (Europe)
Altron SNSP-HA
Home Alone (Japan)
Altron SHVC-HA-JPN 4994964112014
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