King of the Monsters - Super Nintendo

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King of the Monsters is an action/fighting game that features city-destroying battles between huge monsters. Choose one of six monsters and travel around Japan, stopping to fight in various famous cities, with the aim of becoming the ultimate winner. In addition to punches, kicks, and other regular moves, each character has the ability to use more devastating maneuvers, like throwing flames and shooting laser beams, to defeat opponents. Wrestling elements are also incorporated, as you must completely exhaust your opponent and get a three-count to pin him and be victorious. Take on the challenge and claim the title of King of the Monsters!


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King of the Monsters (Japan)
Takara SHVC-KM-JPN 4904880130283
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King of the Monsters (USA)
Takara SNS-KM 26483340181
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King of the Monsters (Europe)
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