Mohawk and Headphone Jack - Super Nintendo

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Go With The Flow!Mohawk & Headphone Jack are funky, flexible life forms who can morf and completely change their shape. Normally laid back, these gelatinous guys are forced into a battle to protect their party lifestyle from the militant forces of General Headslot. Grab some tunes and get busy!- Sprout wings, burn rubber, stick to walls, transform into a sea creature and more! You can even reconstruct yourself if you explode.- Pick up tons of cool music CDs and cruise through ooze tubz to find the hidden vortexes throughout the game.- Use the special zoom-out map feature to keep from getting lost in 14 huge levels!- Forget up and down! Leap onto a surface and make it a floor. But better hang on - the whole level rotates around you!


Game Detail

Mohawk and Headphone Jack (USA)
Black Pearl SNS-AJYE-USA 785138330068 K-A
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Mohawk and Headphone Jack (Europe)
THQ SNSP-AJYP-EUR 785138330068
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