Nolan Ryan's Baseball - Super Nintendo

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NOLAN RYAN'S BASEBALL is a two player simultaneous baseball game for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The 16 Bit capability provides many realistic features of real league action.- Choose from 1 Player vs. Computer, 2 Player vs and Pennant Modes.- Select between 4 special player modes which includes Demo, Supervisory, Assist and Standard game play modes.- Select your team, players, positions and lineup.- Players can adjust the batting, throwing, running, pitching, and stamina levels for their team.- Free agent and player trading features.- Zoom in on close plays.- Battery backup so you can go for the pennant all season long!Join Nolan Ryan and the All Star League coming to the Super NES this season. All levels of players are welcome!


Game Detail

Super Stadium (Japan)
Seta Corporation SHVC-SS 4963919170027
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Nolan Ryan's Baseball (USA)
Romstar SNS-NR-USA 95474200100
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