Q*bert 3 - Super Nintendo

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Just when you thought it was safe to go hopping around on a pyramid...! Q*BERT 3 takes the classic Q*BERT arcade game theme to new heights, with an amazing variety of eye-popping, multi-screen worlds. You control Q*BERT as he tries to clear screen after screen while being chased by a wild bunch of crafty characters. You'll encounter the old familiar cast, lang with a whole universe of new enemies, obstacles and items. And in Q*BERT 3, Q*BERT's classic pyramid is only one of over 100 differently-shaped playfields, You'll find level after level of new and unique challenges!


Game Detail

Q*bert 3 (USA)
NTVIC SNS-Q3-USA 97933300024
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Q*bert 3 (Japan)
Vap SHVC-Q3-JPN 4988021095150
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