The Rocketeer - Super Nintendo

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FUEL UP YOUR SUPER NINTNEDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM WITH THE ROCKETEER FROM IGS.Fire your thrusters and launch ace pilot Cliff Secord on his most challenging adventure ever. Fly, shoot or box your way through paratrooping rocketmen, Armored Flying Tanks and blizzards of bombs. Use his amazing rocket pack to defeat the enemy and rescue Jenny Blake from the clutches of nefarious villains.Rocket your way into the most realistic world in any game ever. State-of-the-art digitized graphics and spectacular stereo sound create an interactive movie experience. Battle through 4 different arcade sequences and 6 levels of full-throttle, action-packed game play! Blast into the next generation of video games with The Rocketeer. You've never experienced anything like it before!


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The Rocketeer (Japan)
IGS (Japan) SHVC-RK 4980888300019
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The Rocketeer (USA)
IGS (Japan) SNS-RK 718888100100
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