Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye - Super Nintendo

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The ancient fascination of Mah-Jongg meets the cutting edge of video games in the most captivating strategy game to challenge the Western world - Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye. Calculate your moves! Beware the art of maneuver. An intricate ever-changing layout of ancient tiles marked with mysteriously eye-catching designs challenges your every move. Think before you make your move - it could be your last. Clear the board! Snap off matching pairs until the board is empty. Looks simple enough... but looks can be deceiving. The next tile you need may be buried five deep. Choose from 13 deceptively simple tile formations and 9 unshakably addictive tile sets with surprising animation, exciting sounds and enchanting musical themes. Master the basics, and then confront the ultimate challenge: Dragon's Eye!


Game Detail

Super Shanghai: Dragon's Eye (Japan)
Hot-B SHVC-DE 4943889000036
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Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (USA)
Activision SNS-DE
Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (Europe)
Activision SNSP-DE 3416190001104
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