Skuljagger: Revolt of the Westicans - Super Nintendo

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There's never been a game like this before. Skuljagger combines a high-powered action game with a clue-filled story to create the biggest 16-bit experience ever!THE GAME: Get ready for the eye-popping graphics and innovative gameplay of 21 main maps and over 50 hidden maps.It's all-out war as you fight savage Kiltish troops, battle wild Westican bladebacks, explore the ancient Lost City of Urnum, and bring the merciless Captain Skuljagger to his knees.THE BOOK: The 80 page book-crammed with amazing illustrations-tells the saga of a Westican rebel named Storm Jaxon, and his battle to free his island nation from the cruel rule of Captain Skueljagger.When Storm steals Skuljagger's sword, he sparks a massive revolution against the Captain's fearsome Kiltish Army. And if you think Skuljagger's going to take this revolution lying down, then maybe you've forgotten how hacked-off a maniacal Kiltish despot can get.The book's also jam-packed with hidden clues-if you can figure them out, they'll help you find tons of hidden, secret things in the game.Ground-breaking. Challenging. Awesome. Skuljagger has everything you're looking for in a game!2 PLAYER ALTERNATING, WITH PASSCODES.


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Skuljagger: Revolt of the Westicans (USA)
American Softworks SNS-SL 729627121058
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