Super Adventure Island - Super Nintendo

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Master Higgins is back in his wildest and greatest adventure of all! His girlfriend, Jeannie Jungle, has been turned to stone by the evil Dark Cloak. Now he must leap into action to defeat the scores of guardian animals and monsters that protect the wicked wizard.Join Master Higgins as he reaches new heights of adventure on his high flying skateboard. Speed through underground caves in a crazy mine car ride! Go from tropical shores to the belly of a whale - all in search of his final battle with the mad magician, Dark Cloak!


Game Detail

Takahashi Meijin no Daibouken Jima (Japan)
Hudson SHVC-H2 4988607000479
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Super Adventure Island (USA)
Hudson SNS-H2-USA 39854000164
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Super Adventure Island (Europe)
Hudson SNSP-H2 39854000164
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