Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank: War in the Gulf - Super Nintendo

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Brace yourself for one of the most realistic, authentic military gameplaying experiences ever!In Super Batteltank: War in the Gulf, you are an Allied Forces tank commander in charge of the awesome M1A1 battletank, armored warfare champion of Operation Desert Storm.At your disposal is all of the state-of-the-art weaponry that gives the M1A1 its fearsome reputation. Smoke grenades, 7.62mm machine guns, 120mm armor-piercing shells controlled by a laser range-finder.Add to that power a first-person out-of-tank view, blistering sound effects, and spectacular graphics, and you'll feel you're right at the core of the Persian Gulf War!


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Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank: War in the Gulf (USA)
Absolute Entertainment SNS-SB-USA 18706103932
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Super Battletank (Europe)
Absolute Entertainment SNSP-SB
Super Battletank (Japan)
Pack-In-Video SHVC-SB 4988110900198
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