Super Soccer Champ - Super Nintendo

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TAKE CHARGE OF THE BEST SOCCER TEAMS IN THE WORLD!With SUPER SOCCER CHAMP, you not only manage the team and plot strategy, you get to be each member of the team, including Ace! As you battle through a series of matches on your way to the top, you will control the active player on your team in both offensive and defensive action. Not only can you perform volleys, passes, goal shots, overhead kicks and a lot of other tricks, you can even choose to foul. To regain the ball, your defensive players can punch, pull, shoulder charge, and slide tackle. This has never before been possible in a video soccer game. Of course, there is also a Referee who will tag your players for fouling - if he sees them. Select any one of eight world-class teams to captain and lead your men into victory!


Game Detail

Hat Trick Hero (Japan)
Taito Corporation SHVC-HT 4988611910207
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Super Soccer Champ (USA)
Taito Corporation SNS-HT
Euro Football Champ (Europe)
Taito Corporation SNSP-HT 20588010468
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