Terranigma - Super Nintendo

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A boy's curiosity triggers events that leads to the resurrection of life to this planet.In the distant past, a calamitous struggle between light and dark took place on this planet. The clash of the two opposing powers scoured the planet's surface entirely of life, and those two forces fell into a deep sleep...In the world on the inside of the planet, there exists just one small village of Crysta. Ark, a mischievous teenage boy, somehow causes a crisis in the village that makes him necessary to leave. His trip to save his fellow villagers eventually becomes a journey across time to resurrect the planet. On his epic journey, Ark must resurrect continents, revive all forms of life, and re-establish civilization. What fate awaits Ark at the end of his journey?


Game Detail

Tenchi Souzou (Japan)
Enix Corporation SHVC-AQTJ-JPN 4988601002943
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Terranigma (Europe)
Nintendo SNSP-AQTP-EUR 45496330484
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Terranigma (w/Strategy Guide) (Europe)
Nintendo SNSP-AQTP-EUR 45496330460
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Terranigma (Australia)
Nintendo SNSP-AQTP-AUS 45496330484 G
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