War 3010: The Revolution - Super Nintendo

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The Revolution Has Begun!Humanity has suffered under Kyllen rule for nearly 400 years with no hope in sight. . .Until now.Having seized control of a Kyllen battle fleet, you must now lead a band of rebel warriors as they take their crusade directly into the heart of Kyllen power. Interstellar space has become a deadly battleground where you will control the fate of humanity.The Revolution has begun...- Amazing photo-quality digitized graphics- 16-bit stereo symphonic sound tracks- Build and command your own space armada- Customize your fleet with equipment upgrades- Each battle presents new challenges- 16 levels of fierce interstellar combat- Easy icon-driven menu system


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War 3010: The Revolution (USA)
Advanced Productions Inc. SNS-AZNE-USA 791905020568 K-A
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