Xardion - Super Nintendo

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The Legend of Xardion comes to life in this Super Nintendo Mega hit. Join Alcedes, Triton, and Panthera, a trio of cyborgs as they unite forces to save the Alpha-1 Solar system. Their adventure takes them to the farthest regions of the galaxy where they discover the legendary cyborg. Thought to be destroyed long ago, Xardion has been trapped by a moat of hydrochloric acid unable to escape, until now. The legend continues in this all new, all exciting, all encompassing Super-NES title. A combination of RPG, adventure, and action games, Xardion is state of the art entertainment. 8 megs of battery backed up memory, allows you to save progress at any time! Don't be left out! Join the Revolution. The Xardion revolution!


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Choukou Gasshin Xardion (Japan)
Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc SHVC-XA 4988126800048
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Xardion (USA)
Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc SNS-XA
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