Aero Blasters - TurboGrafx-16

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It's Blaster time! An invincible force of half-alien, half machine robo-monsters, the Mega Load Masters, has blown our armies into the ozone. But you now have the Aero Blaster and firepower to fight back! Smoke the invaders back into space. Then counter-attack over enemy terrain where battles rage at uncanny speeds and treacherous angles. Nail 'em with your mighty Blaster Flash. Or team up with a friend for a blinding barrage of Blaster Thunder. Hit 'em with everything you've got in this extra-terrastrial firefight over the fate of humanity!


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Aero Blasters (Japan)
Hudson HC90038 4988607200404
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Aero Blasters (USA)
Turbo Technologies, Inc. TGX040051 92218001085
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