Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu - TurboGrafx-16

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Jackie and his sister, Josephine, are tough on tyrants. As China's supreme kung fu champs, they guard their country against the Prince of Sorcerers, who lurks just beyond the Great Wall. It comes as no surprise when this fiend and his ghouls try yet again to seize China for themselves. But this time they're clever, casting a spell over Josephine which causes her to vanish into thin air! Jackie is in shock! How can he save his country without his sister? The two have been an unbeatable team! Meanwhile, a demon horde led by the Sorcerer storms the Great Wall and prepares to establish a fierce empire. At the urging of his revered Master, Jackie must now battle the dreaded Sorcerer and rescue Josephine. Maybe he can learn a little magic on his own, because he's going to need all the help he can get!


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Jackie Chan (Japan)
Hudson HC90032 4988607200343
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Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (USA)
Hudson TGX040079 92218001429
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