Legendary Axe II - TurboGrafx-16

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The Axe is back... with twice the force and twice the fury of 1989's Videogame of the Year*! This time it's against brother locked in deadly combat. Your old brother has summoned forces of unspeakable evil to take control of the kingdom. Treachery rules! Your only hope is the legendary royal sword! But will its power be enough to overcome the Cliffs of Chaos? The Skull Dungeon? And the treacherous Crypts of Slime? Only your courage, your fighting skill, and the Legendary Axe can answer!*Videogames and Computer Entertainment Magazine


Game Detail

Ankoku Densetsu (Japan)
Victor Interactive Software JC63007 4988002203659
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Legendary Axe II (USA)
NEC TGX020048 92218000989
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