Magical Chase - TurboGrafx-16

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Ripple is a student of magic, and her teacher is a terrifying witch. Ripple's particulary afraid of her teacher right now, because she's just broken a promise she made to the witch: Ripple took a peek inside the forbidden book Sleeping Demons! No sooner had she opened the cover than out jumped six demons, which raced away! Unless she can catch all six demons and get them back inside the book, the witch will turn Ripple into a frog for breaking her promise! Ripple sets off on her quest with her two Elf-Star friends, Topsy and Turvy. Good luck, Ripple!!


Game Detail

Magical Chase (Japan)
PalSoft PL91001 4930625001013
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Magical Chase (USA)
NEC TGX040086 92218001535
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