TV Sports Basketball - TurboGrafx-16

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The arena's rockin'. Network cameras are rollin'. It's showtime! Here's ultra-cool pro roundball that puts you right on the floor with an awesome on-the-court view and total control. Set your offense. Use your screen to nail a three-pointer. Roll off your pick to hit the jumper. Or post up in the paint and power slam with one second left on the shot clock! Now turn up the heat on defense. Trap and go for the steal! Do it all in the only game for up to five players with action more real than you've ever seen!"There's never been a 'perfect' basketball video game, but TV Sports Basketball is pretty darn close." - GAMEPRO


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TV Sports Basketball (USA)
NEC TGX040055
TV Sports Basketball (Japan)
Victor Interactive Software JC63014 4988002273829
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