Cobra II: Densetsu no Otoko - Turbo CD

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Cobra is back! A new disguise hides his true identity as he returns to blast the space trash that is terrorizing the innocent victims of the universe. With the mega-powerful Psycho-gun hidden in his left arm and his faithful partner Armaroid Lady riding shotgun, he's gonna be tough to beat. But his back's against the wall. The evil Pirate Guild is after his scalp, the Galaxy Patrol wants him dead or alive and there's a beautiful woman lurking in the dark depths of space waiting for him. Phew... talk about hot action! So hang on and get ready to zoom off to the outer reaches of time and space with the master renegade of the first degree... COBRA!


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Cobra II: Densetsu no Otoko (Japan)
Hudson HCD1014 4988607250218
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