Cosmic Fantasy 2 - Turbo CD

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Turn your imagination over to a Cosmic Fantasy of epic proportions! Laura has been kidnapped, and you must reach her before it's too late. Cut a swath of destruction through the throng of monsters blocking the path to Galam's hideout to save her. Along the way, make friends, solve puzzles, and learn magic while inching your way toward a confrontation that will shake the cosmos! Interactive fantasy role playing takes on a whole new dimension with the addition of animated intermissions that will get you involved in the story! And, what's more, the true RPG-style combat interface will put you right in the action!


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Cosmic Fantasy 2: Bouken Shounen Ban (Japan)
Nippon Telenet TJCD1015 4988624910355
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Cosmic Fantasy 2 (USA)
Working Designs WTG990301
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