J.B. Harold Murder Club - Turbo CD

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The mystery begins with a stream of blood runninng down Bil Robbins' back. Now its up to you, J.B., to track down the culprit whose hand twisted the knife. Enemies? The victim had so many, they must have been standing in line to bump him off. But the murderer will never get away because the amazing technology of TurboGrafx-CD will make all suspects answer to you as you grill them and dig up clues. Unravel a dark world of chilling secrets, hidden mysteries, sultry dames and deceit to crack the case. Yeah, J.B., everyone has something to hide. Don't let them hide it from you!"The graphics are sharp...the original music score is excellent." - GamePro


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J.B. Harold Satsujin Club (Japan)
Hudson HCD0013 4988607250133
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J.B. Harold Murder Club (USA)
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