Vasteel - Turbo CD

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The emperor is dead. Now begins the bloodiest chapter in the history of the Vasteel solar system! Jump right into the action as you choose to play either Faliall, the newly crowned emperor, or this brother Stefan, leader of the rebel army. In addition to a first-of-it's-kind on-line guide that actually speaks to aid you in your weapon's choice, there are over 70 types of armored robots and transports to lead you to victory. Set up the battles on the overhead strategy map, then go in and duke out the actual fight arcade style! Vasteel also offers the option of a 2 player VS mode where you can match wits and arcade skill with a friend (TurboTap required this option). Regardless of how you play it, the complexity and arcade action in Vasteel will transfix you!Animation!Arcade-Style Action!Strategy!Special Features:Over 90 minutes of speech!4 different endings!Strategy & Arcade-style play!Online weapons guide!


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Vasteel (Japan)
Human Entertainment HMCD0001 4959143200012
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Vasteel (USA)
Working Designs WTG990801 735366908010
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