Panic Bomber - Virtual Boy

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Bomberman Blasts the Island of Ever Mist!Get ready for explosive puzzler action with Bomberman! Detonate the worlds of Scary Ruins, Sinister Forest, and Desert Desolation. Conquer the Island of Ever Mist and capture the three celestial models of power.Don't panic! Or you might get scorched by greedy Ms. Flashy or the deadly Count Dracu-Doom. Ignite the dreaded Doom Castle with bombastic moves and combustive strategy. Only then can you open the gates to the legendary Golden Statue of Bomberman. It's a puzzling blast!


Game Detail

Tobidase! Panibomb (Japan)
Hudson VUE-VH2J-JPN 4988607005214
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Panic Bomber (USA)
Hudson VUE-VH2E-USA 45496770099 K-A
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