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Hey batta batta swing! You're in the virtual big leagues now. Playing 18 teams from around the world. Throwing fast balls, forkballs, sinkers, sliders and changeups. Swinging for the fence, and laying down bunts. Shagging flies. Snagging drives. And tagging out runners. All in bigger-than-life 3D. With single game, all star and pennant race modes. And catch this: it's the only baseball game good enough to play in the virtual boy ball park. So don't drop the ball. Pick up a starting pitcher. Set your DH. And step up to the plate.


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Virtual Pro Yakyuu '95 (Japan)
Kemco VUE-VVPJ-JPN 4906571615611
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Virtual League Baseball (USA)
Kemco VUE-VVPE-USA 741648004011 K-A
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